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Self Importance Always Lets You Down

It was summer time and sun was very hot. A bull was sitting in the cool shade of a tree and chewing cud with his eyes half-shut. All of a sudden a goat came there and looked out for a place to sit under the shade. Silently, it sat on one of the horns of the bull and kept sitting there till it had taken full rest. Now, before leaving the goat wanted to show it's shrewdness. It wanted to show the bull that it has used it's horn as a seat without letting him know about it. So, the goat asked the bull, "Would you mind, if I go now?" The bull replied, "I hardly care when a tiny creature like you comes and goes away after resting on my body. If you would have thanked me for using my horn, it must have raised your importance in my eyes." The goat felt very small and went away.

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