kids story book

The Fox, the Cock and the Dog

AOne night a fox was looking into a farmer's hen-coop. He saw a cock and wanted to have it. I-Ie tried to fool the cock and thought of a plan. I-Ie ,went to the cock and cried, "Good news, good news!" The cock asked, "What is that?" The fox answered, "King Lion has declared that no beast may hurt a bird. From now on all shall live united in brotherly friendship." The cock said, “Look here, someone is coming with whom we can share the good news. ” The fox doubtfully looked who was coming and said, “What is it you see?" The cock replied, "It is only my master's Dog that is coming towards us.” On hearing about the dog, the fox began to turn away. The cock said, “Will you not stop and share the news with the dog.” "I would gladly do so," said the Fox, "but I fear he may not have heard of king lion's decree." MORAL : - You cannot escape your fate.

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